We have a few scripts in hand, but welcome submissions of plays between 10 and 30 minutes, both for Newport 2011 and projects beyond    Things to keep in mind:  


  • these plays will not be performed on a stage.  They will be performed right next to or even among the audience, who may or may not have come out to that bar to watch a play.  This does not mean anything specific, but should be made clear up front.
  • Dogs, children and other beings not normally allowed in a bar should probably not be called for in casting
  • The play does not have to be set in a bar, but that setting is always welcome due to the ease in which a bar can be transformed into a theater set that looks like a bar.
  • A show that is already cast and rehearsed, that you may have recently had a reading of, or have otherwise done work beyond the writing are of particular interest