seeking new shows


ENTERTAINMENT FOR MAN AND HORSE is a series from BarPlays. It started last spring at the Red Fez. After a summer hiatus, plans are being laid get this series back up and running. What we need: your shows. We are currently seeking short plays that can be performed in a bar setting. This means little or no tech (lighting, sound, sets). To get a better idea of what that looks like, check out some of the pictures from our 2010 BarPlays Festival: Plays Set in Bars Placed in Bars. We are looking to establish a monthly series.

What we are looking for now:

  • Plays that you or your group have written (or have permission/rights for)
  • Plays that you or your group have or will cast and direct
  • Plays that are under 30 minutes (longer shows MAY be considered)
  • Plays that can be performed in a bar

So, if you have a piece that has been performed already, elsewhere, that's okay. If it's a new piece, that's also cool. What we are not looking for at the moment:

  • Scripts that you hope we will find actors and directors for
  • Scripts that plan on staging a reading of
  • Scenes from a full length play (unless it really makes sense)
  • Stand-up, story-telling, music, poetry, puppetry or dance
There will be room for some of these things in the future, but right now, the deal, in a nutshell is:


(not a script, not a scene, not an awesome idea)


(to a friendly, sparkling, slightly buzzed audience)


BarPlays is an independent production. Tip you bartender. Cheers.