Providence 2010:

For the last two weeks of June, 2010, over a dozen short plays were presented at several bars around Providence, RI.  6 days a week and twice or thrice on Sundays.  We passed the hat at each show and raised $1000, which we passed on to Perishable Theatre, RI's research and development theatre, because Perishable is a hub and a home for many of the artists involved. 

It was a raging success thanks to:


  • the producers/organizers(who also wrote, directed, and even performed in the plays): Amanada Weir, James Celenza, Adara Meyers, Mathew Provost
  • the writers who gave us their words: David Eliet, Charlotte Meehan, Mark Cook, Kobun Kaluza, Kevin Broccoli, Jill Blevins, Bill McDonnell, Kevin Delaney
  • The directors, who shaped those plays Robin Stone, Martha Swetzoff, Geoffrey Monti, Angela Colford
  • That were then brought to life by the actors: Melanie Snow, John Los, John Paul Ring, Bryan Kimmelman, Ellen Salter, Israel Buffardi, JP Guinn, Derek Wager, Kaitlyn Vollucci, Chuck Doherty, Lisa Raffensperger, Elizabeth Bochichi, Doug Haughey, Alanna Sousa-Pullan, Vanessa Martin, Nicole Gemma, Jamie Dufault, Paul Sauvageau, Jo-an Peralta, Dan Tracy, Chris Rosenquest, Brien Lang, Mr. Casey Roberts, Jeff Hodge, Clare Blackmer
  • those people that brought their shows, shared their talents, and otherwise enriched the festival and entertained or entranced the audiences: Melissa Bowler, Willa vanNostrand, Rory Raven, Phil Goldman, Jerry Gregoire, Kevin Delaney, Angela Colford, Glena vanNostrand, Chris Frigale,
  • Jonathan Wisehart and all the other bartenders that put up with our silliness,
  • Claude from Abe's, Stephanie from Nick-a-Nees, Josh from the Trinity Brewhouse, Brien from Wild Colonial, Mike and the Rev from E & O Tap, Susanna from AS220, Leah from Everyman, and Sara & Ed from the Red Fez
  • Perishable Theatre, Motif Magazine, iolabs, for helping us get things done quickly while being patient
  • Printed and online media outlets, which along with public support and word of mouth helped bring in larger than imagined audiences
  • Vanessa Gilbert, for her wisdom and support that she shared with more than a couple of people involved in this project and her dedication and work at Perishable Theatre over the past several years, which has turned that space into an important resource for many of the people that worked on this project, and many other theater artists in and around Providence that are making new work

    For info check out the Providence 2010 page.